Dissemination and Creation Service

The Dissemination and Creation Service has two aims: on the one hand, to support photographers in developing their projects and so promoting artistic and documentary photography; and, on the other hand, to publicise the activities carried out by the Image Centre (exhibitions, publications, conferences, etc.), including:

Young Photographers Award. This programme rewards young photographers with the exhibition of their photography projects and publication of the corresponding catalogue. The winning project exhibition is unveiled in the Girona Provincial Council cloisters and later tours municipalities within the Girona province (although other bodies may also request it if interested). It is also shown at photography festivals, such as the Off Festival in Perpignan, and L'Imaginària, in Castellon de la Plana.

«Photography Journals». As part of the 'Photography Journals' collection, which publishes works on the photographic fonds registered to the Centre, a touring exhibition has been planned in order to disseminate the fonds covered in the publication.

«One Hundred Years of Images». You can also see the main images from the 'One Hundred Years of Images' publications in touring exhibitions, which disseminate the Image Centre's photographic collections and fonds based around a given theme.

— Old and contemporary photography exhibitions.

3D Exhibition Hall. The 3D Exhibition Hall offers users new, technological means of accessing the images within the photography fonds and collections held and maintained by INSPAI, with the aim of promoting and disseminating them.

— Publication of temporary exhibition catalogues, bookmarks, etc.

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