Technical Advisory Service

The role of the Technical Advisory Service is to advise the councils in Girona's municipalities and other cultural centres and facilities, providing them with support to expand or organise their own image fonds.

Dissemination and Creation Service

The Dissemination and Creation Service has two objectives: on one hand, to give support to photographers so that they may develop their projects (and so promoting artistic and documentary photography); and, on the other hand, to publicise the activities of the Image Centre (exhibitions, publications, conferences, etc.)

Access and Borrowing Service

The Access and Borrowing Service allows the Centre's photographic and audiovisual fonds and collections to be viewed in a hall open to the public, together with the specialised documentary archive of publications on the world of the image, photographic, artistic or documentary heritage, photographic techniques and photography centres, and where exhibition catalogues and documents on the visual arts and cultural management may also be consulted. Consultation can take place in person or through a bibliographic search of the online catalogue.

Training Service

The Training Service is responsible for organising courses, conferences, workshops and technical seminars with the aim of providing training on photographic and artistic techniques, legal matters, and concepts relating to the preservation and conservation of images.

The Service also gives presentations to the students of various universities on image conservation, consultation and dissemination techniques and legal matters related to images, etc.

Emili Massanas i Burcet Image Archive Service

The Image Archive is responsible for collecting, archiving, preserving and conserving documentary heritage of still and moving images from the Girona province. It has more than one million images of the Girona province taken by professional and amateur photographers, from both personal and family collections, which are available to the public. The images date from 1855 to today.

Digital Reproduction and Processing Service

The Digital Reproduction and Processing Service is responsible for the digital reproduction and processing of images (still and moving) from the Centre's fonds and collections, in both the heritage and contemporary creation spheres, with the dual objective of conserving and disseminating them.

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