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Most of the black and white images in this fonds were taken by Dani Duch in his professional career as photographer and photojournalist from 1978 to 1984. The fonds is totally digitalised and contains some 25,000 photographs recording scenes from the leisure activities and the social, political and cultural life in Girona province.

In 1979, Dani Duch began to work as editing photographer for Girona newspaper El Punt. and since then has worked as a photographer for several other newspapers. In 1984, he became editor and head of the photography section of Diari de Girona, while simultaneously working as correspondent for EFE agency and war photographer covering conflicts in various Central and South American countries. Afterwards, he was a correspondent for Diario 16, for a long period, first in Barcelona and then in Madrid.

From 1990, he has been working as correspondent for La Vanguardia newspaper and has travelled all over the world (Herzegovina, Bosnia, America, Soviet Union, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan to cover the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, West Africa to cover the Polisario Front, etc.).

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Dani Duch fonds
Start date: 1979 End date: 2011
Volume and support
43,728 photographs (293 paper copies, 931 slides, 12,147 35mm colour plastic negatives, 30,357 35mm b/w plastic negatives)
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Dani Duch i Dausà
Producer history
Dani Duch i Dausà (Cassà de la Selva, 1962) Press photographer Dani Duch began to work as an editor-photographer at the Girona daily Punt Diari in 1979. Since then his career as a photographer has taken him to several newspapers. In 1984 he became the editor and photography director at Diari de Girona, combining the duties of this position with his work as a correspondent for the EFE news agency and as a war photographer in different countries in Central and South America. After that he was a correspondent of Diario 16 for a long time, first in Barcelona and later in Madrid. Since 1990 he has been living and working in Madrid as the correspondent of the daily La Vanguardia and travels throughout the world (Herzegovina, Bosnia, South and Central America, the former Soviet Republics, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan ¿ covering the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, West Africa and the Polisario Front territory, etc.).
Archive history
Up to March 2011, two consignments of pictures have been delivered: the first on the occasion of the signing of the contract, on 13 August 2004, and the second on 27 October 2009. The first consignment comprised 26 photographs on paper (11 of 30x40, 13 of 13x18, 2 of 18x24) and 29,912 35mm b/w plastic negatives of pictures from the daily Punt Diari. It was formed by ten albums (numbered 1 to 4, 6 to 8 and 10 to 12) and 48 envelopes containing photographic negatives and 31 positives (in poor condition) in a folder. One-third of the reports of the fonds were described in a general way, with a listing of dates and a brief description made by the author himself at the time of filing the negatives. As from October 2005, the negatives began to be re-located in new albums with permanent conservation material and a description of the reports of the whole fonds was begun. At the same time, in May 2006 the digitizing of the pictures in uncompressed TIFF format began, according to these specifications: space per picture occupied on disk: 18 Mb; dimensions: 3,072 x 2,048 px.; dimensions in cm at 300 ppp: 21x30 cm; RGB 24 bits; on magnetic medium (hard disk). Some of the photograms were adhered to the glassine paper of the albums, especially around the edges. In 2009 the restorer Virginia Sancho detached them, although in some cases glassine paper has remained attached to the emulsion. On 27 October 2009, the photographer himself delivered a second consignment of 22,498 35mm b/w polyester negatives from the archive of the daily La Vanguardia, together with some slides and 265 photographs on paper from the time of his beginnings as a photographer. The colour negatives, of pictures for La Vanguardia from approximately the years 1991 to 2001, are of different public figures and of important events of the times. The colour slides are from his trips as a photojournalist to diverse areas in conflict around the world. This second delivery has been digitized and in 2010 it was described and placed in permanent conservation material.
Details of entry
On 6 March 2007, the contract of assignment by commodatum loan and the subsequent donation of the Dani Duch photographic fonds was signed between the photographer and the Girona Provincial Council. The contract provided that the donation would take effect three years later, if there were not to be any modification, that is to say, on 6 March 2010. Finally, the donation was accepted by the Governing Board of the Girona Provincial Council at its session of 21 December 2010.
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Press photography. Girona counties. Punt Diari - Gironès County (1980-1984) Pictures taken in the early years of the democratic period in the province of Girona, as a photographer of the then recently founded daily Punt Diari; general elections of 1982, municipal elections of 1983, second elections of the Parliament of Catalonia of 1984, and newsworthy events in Girona, sports events, book presentations, openings of exhibitions, crime and accidents, interviews, etc. Press photography as the correspondent of the daily La Vanguardia in Madrid (1991-2011) The colour negatives were for La Vanguardia, with pictures of diverse public figures and important events of this period in the city (for example, ETA's attack against José Maria Aznar in Madrid). The colour slides are from his trips as a photojournalist to different areas in conflict around the world.
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Conditions for access
The documents are freely accessible.
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Description prepared by SPC in 2006, revised in 2009 by MS under the direction of Natàlia Navarro. Description prepared by ZS in 2010 under the direction of Natàlia Navarro.
The initial titles of the reports were obtained from the records provided by the author himself.
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