Each year, Girona Provincial Council's Culture Department publishes a series of ten bookmarks created using images from the Image Centre's photographic fonds as a means of dissemination.

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Els punts d'INSPAI. 2021 Sèrie «Mirades a la col·lecció»

2024 Series «Marçal Molas Collection. 1990-2010»

Series number 18 is dedicated to the photojournalist Marçal Molas (Sant Gregori, 1968). He trained at the Escola Eina in Barcelona and at the Grisart international photography school. In 1990, he started working at Diari de Girona, where he developed a large part of his professional career until 2000. In the 1990s, he wrote reports forRevista de Girona and El Triangle, and he participated in various events and exhibitions, such as “Bluefields” in La Pontenca and the Visa pour l’Image festival. From the year 2000, his work focuses on the area of nature. In 2017, his photographic collection was deposited at INSPAI, Centre de la Imatge.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2021 Sèrie «Mirades a la col·lecció»

2023 Series “Pablito: Costa Brava Night”

“Pablito: Costa Brava Night” is the new series of bookmarks published annually by INSPAI for the last seventeen years. This year's edition is based on photographs from the photographic collection of Pablo García Cortés, Pablito, which became part of INSPAI in 1993. This collection comprises 78422 photographs, ranging from 1957 to 1984. The series consists of ten bookmarks with images of public figures, artists and celebrities from around the world, taken during the years of Costa Brava’s tourist boom.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2021 Sèrie «Mirades a la col·lecció»

2021: “Mirades a la col·lecció” (Gazes at the Collection) Series

This edition is based on the search, among thousands of images, for people, often in a group, who challenged the camera, aware of the photographer’s presence. It is the gazes of these people, as well as those of the photographers themselves through their cameras, that now challenge us. From disparate times, geographical locations and social contexts, today this scrutiny reflects feelings, emotions and expressions of a universal nature. Multiple gazes at the past from the present.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2020 Series “Dani Duch. 1979 -1984”

2020 Series “Dani Duch. 1979 -1984”

The fifteenth edition of “INSPAI Bookmarks” is dedicated to photojournalist Dani Duch (Cassà de la Selva, 1962), who began his professional career in 1979 as a photographer-editor at Punt Diari. In 1984, he joined the Diari de Girona as the head of photography. During the first few years of his career, the images taken by this photographer, whose experience and works are extensive and well-known, reflect the changes that occurred in our region during the years of the Spanish transition to democracy. In 2011, INSPAI, Image Center, dedicated an exhibition and the sixth volume of the “Photography Notebooks” collection to Dani Duch, who continues to be fully engaged in his professional activity in 2020.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2019 Series “Valentí Fargnoli”

2019 Series “Valentí Fargnoli”

Special edition of INSPAI Bookmarks.
The fourteenth series of bookmarks, published annually, which were dedicated to Valentí Fargnoli on this occasion. A rich selection of fragments of his work, to look back at the scenes, landscapes and events of the Girona region in the early 20th century.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2018 Sèrie «Fons Pep Iglésias»

2018: “Fons Pep Iglésias” (Pep Iglésias Collection) Series

The thirteenth edition of INSPAI bookmarks is dedicated to the photojournalist, freelance photographer and graphic designer Pep Iglésias (Girona, 1958-2018). The images are a small sample of the extensive photographic collection resulting from his career. They are also part of the selection made by Pep Iglésias himself for the edition of the eighth volume of the collection “Quaderns de Fotografia” and for an exhibition inaugurated in October 2018.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2017 Sèrie «Signatures»

2017: “Signatures” (Signatures) Series

This series presents the signatures of some of the photographers from the counties of Girona who are part of the Emili Massanas i Burcet Collection. It contains examples of marks, rubrics and dry stamps that these photographers created during the production of the images and which they used to certify their authorship and thus vindicate their work. It is also intended as a tribute to the pioneering research in the field of photographic heritage carried out by Emili Massanas in the meticulous compilation of information on galleries and photographers.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2016 Sèrie «Comerços»

2016: “Comerços” (Shops) Series

The eleventh edition of the book points offers images of shops and commercial establishments — some of which have already disappeared — that have an outstanding aesthetic component and a distinctive character, which define its personality.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2015 Sèrie «Publicitat»

2015: “Publicitat” (Advertising) Series

This edition features advertising images (advertisements, posters and commercial stands) taken from INSPAI’s photographic collections, which show that advertising sells products, but also ideas, desires and emotions, and confirm that there is an art to creating a good advertisement.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2014 Sèrie «Vehicles»

2014: “Vehicles” (Vehicles) Series

The ninth edition of the bookmarks contains images of some of the existing means of transport from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2012 Sèrie «Oficis»

2012: “Oficis” (Trades) Series

The bookmarks in this series show some of the trades of the early 20th century and collect popular sayings related to the world of work.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2010 Sèrie «Òpera»

2010: “Òpera” (Opera) Series

This series of images offers a small representation of some of the opera singers who performed at the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Teatre Principal in Barcelona during the second half of the 19th century.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2009 Sèrie «Fons»

2009: “Fons” (Collections) Series

This series of bookmarks presents a small sample of some of the photographic collections held in INSPAI’s facilities.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2008 Sèrie «Homes»

2008: “Homes” (Men) Series

The bookmarks of this fifth edition feature images of men and include, on the back, quotations from the Empordà writer Josep Pla.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2007 Sèrie «Disfresses»

2007: “Disfresses” (Costumes) Series

This series is devoted to photographs of costumes dating from before 1940. The back of the bookmarks contains notes on the history of photography..

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2006 Sèrie «Retratistes i fotògrafs»

2006: “Retratistes i fotògrafs” (Portraitists and Photographers) Series

The third series of bookmarks brings together images by portraitists and photographers from the late 19th to the late 20th century. The series presents a novelty with respect to previous editions: it includes photography notes related to the history of photography and photographers.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2005 Sèrie «Dones»

2005: “Dones” (Women) Series

The second series of bookmarks features images of women from the turn of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century, set in different areas of the private, professional and social spheres.

Els punts d'INSPAI. 2004 Sèrie «Retrats d'estudi»

2004: “Retrats d’estudi” (Study Portraits) Series

The first series of INSPAI bookmarks, dedicated to studio portraits from the first half of the 20th century.

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