Guia de digitalització d'arxius fotogràfics

Digitization guide

This digitization guide is intended for archives, museums, documentation centres and cultural facilities that manage photographic records. It details all the aspects relating to best practices in the processes for digitizing the photographic materials. The processes are primarily focused on digitization using a camera, although it also provides some topics to keep in mind when using a scanner. The goal is to establish the guidelines needed to ensure the image quality is high enough to be able to correctly reproduce the originals, including negatives in any format, in colour or black and white, slides, paper copies, or other opaque media, autochromes, and any photographic original consisting of a fixed image on a flat surface.

The tools and processes detailed in this guide make it possible to obtain reproductions that may be conserved. However, depending on the materials to be digitized, in some cases a more detailed analysis of image quality will be needed in order to design processes that ensure a copy can be made for conservation, using objective measures.

Digitization guide
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