The role of the Technical Advisory Service is to provide guidance to councils and cultural centres and facilities within Girona’s municipalities and support them in expanding or organising their image fonds, in addition to advising the internal departments of Girona Provincial Council.

According to the Regulations for Girona Provincial Council’s Image Centre and management of image documentation, approved by the Council’s plenary session of 17 December 2013, the Image Centre must provide support and advice to local authorities in the given area on everything related to the acquisition, processing, usage, conservation, and dissemination of image documentation.

More specifically, article 7 of the Regulations on providing support and advice to local authorities states that the Image Centre must provide support and advice to local authorities who so request it from Girona Provincial Council with regard to the processing of image documentation. For this purpose, it must offer technical resources, training activities and other services to help local authorities process image documentation in the most suitable way according to their needs.

The advisory services are:

  • Technical processing of images (organisation, classification, description and indexing)

  • Processing and management of digital images (digitisation)

  • Legal concepts (contracts, agreements, forms, management of copyright and exploitation rights, etc.)

  • Image databases

  • Image preservation and conservation

  • Image dissemination

  • User consultations

To request support, please complete and sign the following application and send to Girona Provincial Council.



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