The photography project "La resposta", by Oriol Roura, winner of the eighteenth Young Photographers Award

The Diputació de Girona, through INSPAI, Image Center, has chosen the photography project "La resposta" [the response], by Oriol Roura, as the winner of the eighteenth edition of Young Photographers of Catalonia 2020.

"La resposta" is the visual discourse of the events that occurred in response to the Supreme Court's sentencing of the political prisoners. The project includes the first set of actions to cut off the AP-7 highway, the burning of pictures of King Felipe VI along Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona, the pro-independence and pro-unity protests, and the events that took place in Girona and Via Laietana. "The camera moves and explains what happened, seeking photographic balance and the social message", explains Oriol Roura.

According to the author, the photographs reflect his vision of the events as seen from behind the camera, in such a way that, "without epic pretensions, the images make us delve into a journey in which each one of us plays a role."

The selected exposition will be presented at the Girona Casa de Cultura and afterwards, will also become a part of the traveling expositions programs at the Diputació, so it can be seen in different cities and towns in the region. An exposition catalog will be created for it as well.

In addition, the exposition will be put on display at the Off Festival (Perpignan), the FineArt Festival (Igualada), the Festival Imaginària (Castelló de la Plana), and at the Mirades Festival (Torroella de Montgrí), among others.

«La frontera Sud, a l'ombra del Nord», de Martí Albesa, dissetè Premi Joves fotògraf(e)s

The exposition consists of a collection of thirty color photographs with which Martí Albesa creates a discourse whose goal is to denounce the lack of attention towards the people who cross the Strait of Gibraltar, people who are hopeful but also fearful of their uncertain future. "In these people's eyes there is nothing more than sadness and resignation. In their hearts, a superhuman force to survive the miseries written for them. There are no fences, seas or borders as strong as the right to migrate that they are exercising at each step", says the author.

To create this photographic report, Martí Albesa centered his work on the ports of Tarifa, Algeciras, Barbate and at the immigrant reception centers in Los Barrios and San Roque. Done in early August 2018, the photographer shows how at this specific time "the inaction and discoordination led to agglomerations of people in sporting facilities, abandoned warehouses, and even right there at the ports". Consequently, the result of this was none other than "hundreds of people piling up, waiting for any institution to take responsibility".

Roaming Exhibition. Request it.

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