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New call for the Young Photographer Award will be open from March 1 to April 8, 2024

INSPAI, Centre de la Imatge, attached to the Department of Culture, New Technologies, Sports and Education of the Diputació de Girona, announces the 22th edition of the photography contest Young Photographer Award, which aims to promote and disseminate the photographic works of young people in Catalonia. This commitment to photographic creation is one of the goals of INSPAI, together with, on the one hand, making the public more aware of all the aspects of photography, so that they can enjoy current trends in photographic production, and, on the other hand, offering municipalities cultural opportunities in the form of travelling exhibitions

The photographic project selected by the Diputació will be provided resources that will allow it to be exhibited, a catalogue published and the exhibition to go on tour. The project will be awarded a prize of 1,250 euros (gross amount, subject to any income tax payable at the time the prize is received).

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The photographic project "Coexistir", by Pau de la Calle, twenty-first Prize Young Photographers of Catalonia.

The Diputació de Girona, through INSPAI, Image Center, has chosen the photographic project "Coexistir", by Pau de la Calle, as the winner of the twenty-first edition of the Young Photographers Award of Catalonia 2023.

"Coexist" is a sample of the photographic work ofPau de la Calle about The Santuari Gaia Foundation, who is a vegan centre for the rescue and recovery of farm animals that have been victims of exploitation, mistreatment or abandonment.

The exhibition can be seen at Casa de Cultura de la Diputació de Girona , from October 4 to November 25, 2023.

The Santuari Gaia Foundation is a vegan centre for the rescue and recovery of farm animals that have been victims of exploitation, mistreatment or abandonment. At the time it was created, there were only two such sanctuaries in Spain, but none for farm animals. «Nobody helps farm animals. They are considered to be for consumption. The bottom of the line”, explains Coque, co-founder of the sanctuary. “At Gaia, through the stories of these animals, we want people to see them not as a product, but as if they were their house dog or cat».

Paolo and Naím.

Pol, a sanctuary volunteer, feeds Patri while Lia, a worker, showers her whith kisses.

Aerial view of part the land occupied by the gaia Sanctuary, Camprodon.

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